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Welcome to CBHalfDimes, the home of all things Capped Bust half dime !!!

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"The Collection"


My name is Rich and I'm addicted to Capped Bust half dimes.
I find the Capped Bust half dime the most intriguing of coins. Such a small piece with so many details and still doesn't have the appearance of being overly crowded. It's my goal to amass a respectable collection of AU examples of this beautiful coin. 
I'm collecting the Capped Bust half dime (1829-1837) by die marriage and die re-marriage.  The collection, when complete, should contain a total of 123 coins.  Well, 123 coins if no new marriages are discovered that is.
My ultimate goal for the collection is to have all the coins in AU grade.  This is not an insurmountable task but it will most definitely prove to be a serious challenge to say the least.  A challenge that I welcome and look forward to pursuing for years and years to come.

Why Capped Bust half dimes?

The reasons abound!


As mentioned before, the fact that so much can be put on such a small coin in a way that creates only beauty and not clutter draws me to this series.  There are, of course, other factors of the CB half dimes that lend to its collectibility.


This little coin can appeal to many different types of collectors. 


Type Set collectors enjoy the fact that the CB half dimes are priced well enough that an extremely eye appealing mint state example can be found for a mere fraction of what the other denominations of the era would cost. 


Date Set collectors should revel in the CB half dimes as the set has just nine (9) coins with no "stopper key dates".  A date set at any grade level is quite an accomplishable task.


Red Book collectors have even more reasons to be happy.  Every good Red Book collector loves a few varieties thrown into the mix to spice up a collection!  To collect the Capped Bust half dimes via Red Book standards the set jumps from nine (9) coins to an impressive fourteen (14) coins.  All still quite affordable in most grade levels.


Die Marriage collectors come into their own when tackling this beautiful coin series.  This particular method of collecting is where the task of completion becomes considerably more arduous.  The Die Marriage collector currently has ninety two (92) coins in their impressive set of Capped Bust half dimes.  These collectors enjoy studying the coins and drawing out information from the coins as to the actual dies that produced them.  They love examining their coins to the finest detail as a detective would a crime scene.  It's been my personal experience that at this level of collecting is where the eccentricity of the individual collector begins to skyrocket, Haha!


Die Marriage / Die Re-Marriage collectors have taken the heavy task of the Die Marriage collector and thrown on an additional thirty one (31) coins just for the heck of it.  That's right folks.  These collectors work on a set of only Capped Bust half dimes that consists of a whopping one hundred twenty three (123) coins!  A set to rival just about any other series of U.S. coin (Modern or Early) in numbers and difficulty.  These collectors not only study and examine their coins as the Die Marriage collectors do but they live for chronicling the actual time line in which these coins were produced.  The usage of a particular die to strike a particular coin, then another die to strike another coin, then that first die back to strike the first coin yet again!  And so on and so on it goes.  The wonderful world of Die Marriage / Die Re-Marriage collecting offers challenges unsurpassed.  To date, only a literal handful of collectors have achieved a 100% complete set by this method of collecting.  I hope that I will, one day, join the ranks of those esteemed men as I am indeed a collector of this variety.

Honestly, what originally drew me to the Capped Bust half dime was cost.  Comparatively speaking the cost of these coins pale next to the cost of their larger cousins of the same era.  They even pale when compared to many coins series that were produced later in the century, and yes, even some "Moderns"!  Let us keep this little tid-bit just between us? Haha!


This coin can be collected in a manor that will cost you many, many, many thousands of dollars.  However, the flip side to that coin is it can be easily collected for a mere pittance.  Many of these coins can be had, in lower circulated grades, for the price of a fine dinner out or less. 


Collecting Capped Bust half dimes in lower grades is very rewarding.  They tend to take on such a distinguished look when covered in nearly 200 years of grime, dirt, hand oils and God knows what else.  A nice crusty one with even wear that grades in the Fines (12-15) with dark fields and lightened devices from wear is every bit as eye appealing as a sparkling, well struck AU or MS (50+) coin. 


Please click the links on the left of the page to view my personal collection and to learn more about the beloved Capped Bust half dime.

If you have any half dimes you think might be nice for my collection, don't hesitate to contact me.

"Happiness is in Half Dimes."