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Welcome to CBHalfDimes, the home of all things Capped Bust half dime !!!

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"The Collection"

On this page I'll include links related to my collection.

The official club for any self respecting Capped Bust half dime collector.  This organization is just plain spectacular.  I encourage all collectors of any and all Bust coins to join.  Seriously folks, this club is A # 1.  The old guard of this club has more knowledge about Bust coinage than the entire rest of the numismatic world.  They are willing and eager to share that information so give it a shot.

Click here ---> John Reich Collectors Society

An excellent resource to meet and converse with great Capped Bust half dime collectors.  It also has sections dedicated to the other Bust denominations.  The forum was created by a fellow Capped Bust half dime enthusiast.  Come join in on the fun.

Click here ---> Bust Coin Forum

"Happiness is in Half Dimes."