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Welcome to CBHalfDimes, the home of all things Capped Bust half dime !!!

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"The Collection"

Our beloved Suzie didn't win her battle with cancer.  She left us on December 29th.  She will be sorely missed.  I know she's up in dog heaven chassing rabbits and quail all day long.  We're just glad she's not in pain anymore.


An esteemed Bust coin collect, Mr. Edgar Souders, has made a magnificent discovery and forever changed the world of CBH10 collecting like only a handfull of people have done.  I've obtained his permission to post on my website that he has discovered a...


1835 "LM12" Featuring the 1835 Obv. Die 4 & 1836 Rev. Die JJ

This has been confirmed by a handfull of the leading experts in the field along with Mr. Souders.  A full write up of the story by the parties involved can be read at the Bust Coin Forum linked in my "links" page.  I highly encourage you to take a visit and read about the biggest news to hit Bust Half Dimes in over a decade.  While you're there you might as well sign up as a member (for free) and say hello.  :)


Below is a link to see the photos of the 1835 "LM12" Discovery Coin


Newest Additions

1829 LM8 R7 Net G4
1830 LM8 R1 AU50
1829 LM11 R6 Net VG10
1832 LM5 R1 AG3 (One of the latest die states of this marriage I've seen)
1835 LM8.1 R2 AU50 (Christmas present from my Dad!)

Upcomming Events

Well I'm on a bit of a numismatic vacation for a while.  You see, my better half and I have decided to tie the knot and we're now in savings mode for the big day.  So no more coins until after the wedding (Unless of course something special comes my way).  September 29th, 2007 will be the momentus occasion.  You guys will have a bit less competition out there for a little while.  Come September 30th though, look out 'cause I'll be back :)



If you have any half dimes you think might be nice for my collection, don't hesitate to contact me.

"Happiness is in Half Dimes."