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Welcome to CBHalfDimes, the home of all things Capped Bust half dime !!!

Highlights of "The Collection"

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Highlights of "The Collection"
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"The Collection"

I'll try to put up a handfull of the more interesting coins for you on this page. 


I'm proud to say that this little beauty is my very first Mint State Capped Bust half dime!  1829 LM14 R4 MS61, tied with one other coin for 2nd finest known.


To the Die Marriage enthusiast this is one of the crown jewel of my entire collection.  1829 LM12 R6 XF40.  This coin comes from the famed Crain Collection.


1833 LM6 R6 VF20.  Obtained from a very cool fellow collector at the Denver ANA.  Thanks again bud!


1832 LM5 R1 Got this little beat up baby busty off eBay recently.  She's pretty worn and ragged but it's the single latest die state of the marriage I have ever seen.  That's what I call cool in my book!

"Happiness is in Half Dimes."